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Search Engine Optimisation is the future of the web marketing, and social media and pay per click campaign are a good additional ways to reach the web target. There are lots of of informations about SEO on the internet.

If your websites are constantly difficult to get good ranking in search engines, do consider update it more frequently. How many times you update your website content per week? Different type of website require different update frequency. Add new content to your website daily, or at least 2 days once, and get your website content fresh at all time. Do not worry about search engine ranking, it will comes with good website content; make sure you are feeding your visitors with news and event and the right information.

The most important rules for a succesful website are:

  • Clean html code with external CSS to permit search engine spiders to crawl the website without problems;
  • Updated content with news and interesting information for visitors;
  • Updated sitemap for search engines;
  • Graphic will be used not for animation or super design to impress the visitor, but it will be used for a better user friendly navigation with a way to show what we want to offer or sell;
  • It will have a tool to share web pages with social network;
  • It is important to have a landing page with specific topic;
  • Use less javascript and populate tags title for images and links and use anchor links for an easy navigation. The text of your link will be a description of the landing page and not just “click here”.
  • The speed of your website is very important for visitors especially on mobiles and search engine spiders. Make sure that you are using light images or small gif animation and don not forget that the hosting for website speed.
  • Have a profile on the most important social network and be active always with interesting content.

Your success depends on you; you can learn from these rules or you can understand that there are people that do this as a job.

Google spider is very intelligent; it has the power to choose quality websites and show them in a search result.

An other important thing is the anchor text of the backlink; be sure that the text and the tag alt or title contain the title of your landing page.

Forums and blogs are good way to build backlinks, but unfortunatly you will have the tag nofollow with your link; it will not increase your ranking for search engine, but you will have target visitors if you content sounds interesting for them.

Search engines appreciate natural backlinks and their spiders are becoming more intelligent and the most important message that I want to tell you today is to not build thousands of backlinks in few days because it will take time to become a natural top search engine result.

Be careful when you submit your websites into directories or into other websites because you can be penalised if the topic is completely different from your website.

If you add interesting news into your website, people will start to find you on google research and if you have quality content, they will build backlinks for you, sharing your web pages on their blogs, websites and social media.

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