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I am based in Kent, which is located in the southeast of the United Kingdom. However, despite my physical location, I have the ability to connect with individuals who speak English and Italian from anywhere in the world. This remote capability allows me to work with clients, partners, and colleagues across different countries and time zones.

With fluency in both English and Italian, I can effectively communicate and provide services to a diverse range of people. Whether it’s for language translation, cultural exchange, or business collaboration, I am equipped to bridge linguistic and cultural gaps.

My remote communication tools include video conferencing, instant messaging, email (, and phone calls (07538341308 ). These platforms enable seamless interaction and smooth collaboration regardless of geographical distances.

By leveraging technology such as virtual meetings and digital communication platforms, I can engage with clients or teams located in different parts of the world. This flexibility offers convenience and accessibility for global connections without needing to be physically present.

In addition to language services, I can also offer cultural insight and understanding for those looking to connect with English or Italian-speaking communities. I strive to facilitate cross-cultural understanding and effective communication in both professional and personal contexts.


Phone: 07538341308

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Get in touch for SEO and WordPress Services

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