Social Media, website, blog or face-to-face communication?

Potential customers will always prefer face-to-face communication and it will never replace online communication. Networking online is good for leads, traffic, build your brand, cutomer support, feedback  and sales as well, but face-to-face will always give something more.

Social media can not replace your website. There are millions of people on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the other social networks, but you will be on Google for your product or service if you have a website with unique content about your business. Also contents can be very effective if shared with social medias for a better exposition.
In this social media article I want to talk about the 3 most important social media websites of the moment for your web marketing campaign.
Today everybody join social media programs because your friend is talking about Facebook, you red on the newspaper about Twitter or you received an invitation email from your friend to join Linkedin.
If you run a business, you must be active with these 3 social media programs: facebook, twitter and linkedin; first of all you have to run a website and each news you have to share with social media. Then you can use social media tools to share your news to all your friend like send emails to a group with facebook and linkedin or just retweet with twitter.
The secret for a good web marketing campaign is to offer always good and interesting news, then into the news you show your business campaign.

Blogging is also important if your target is monetising and you can use it to promote special offers, new product features and Industry-specific tips. Blogs are interactive, allowing visitors to leave comments and even message each other via widgets on the blogs and it is this interactivity that distinguishes them from other static websites.

Use Google Analytics to understand your Return on Investment With Social Media; Google Analytics will allow you to track visitors coming from social networks and you can decide the time to spend on Social Media to generate traffic to your website.

A SEO Consultant can help your business with SEO, Social media and also Pay-per-Click for an immediate ROI