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The title of a web page is one of the most important elements. Good web page titles can remarkably increase the effectiveness of your website.

The title of a web page is the text that is written between the and tag in the HTML code of a web page. If you write the right text between these tags, your website can get more targeted visitors.

Why are web page titles so important for your web site success?

1.       The titles of your web pages are important for search engines. With too many search engine spiders, the title of a web page is more important than other web page elements. If your web page title contains your most important keywords, it’s likely that the web page will have a good search engine ranking for these keywords.

2.       The titles of your web pages are important for web surfers. The title of your website is the first thing web surfers will see from your website. Many search engines display the title of a web page as the main link to a website in the search engine result pages. In addition, the web page title is used when a web surfer bookmarks your website.
While most search engines don’t allow you to influence the description of your website, the title of your website is often listed without any changes.

What does this mean to you?
It’s important that your web pages have compelling titles that are compelling to web surfers and that contain your most important keywords. For example, if you have an SEO freelancer in London, don’t use the title tag Welcome to my website. People probably won’t click on that link because they don’t know who you are. That web page title doesn’t look very attractive to the average surfer. Better use this title: SEO freelancer in London.

Good web page titles can help you to increase your search engine rankings and to get more people to click on your link. To find the perfect title for high rankings on Google, Yahoo, MSN and other major search engines ask for an SEO freelancer consultation.

Why SEO is the first step before building a website?

The first thing to do for SEO, before building the website, is to spot the exact words people will type in Google to find your website;

Optimise your pages’ content: The content of your web pages must be optimised for top rankings and the more news you have, the more text will have your website for keyword research.

Shape up your website structure: There are a whole lot of factors concerning your website’s structure and coding that hugely influence search engines’ rankings. the structure of the menu must be very clear with important keywords and the URL must be well organised and understandable.

Obviously having a number of high-quality links pointing to your website is crucial when Googles decide how to rank you;

Estimate your progress with reports and SEO tools and improve your ranking on daily basis.

Do not forget that SEO is not the only way to make money; You have to sell competitive Products or Services and the landing page structure has to capture the visitor’s attention and bring him to buy.

It is not an easy job, but an SEO Freelancer can do that at an affordable price.

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