10 amazing Search Engine Optimisation tips

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  1. Use  Facebook, and Twitter to share your content. Write content to your pages on a regular basis and share it with social media websites. This will help to show your services to a large audience and readers can find your content valuable and link to their own blog. Social media can help to create quality backlinks.
  2. SEO copywriters will help to create well-written and unique content that will focus on your primary keyword or keyword phrase. So when you write your content ping search engines and let them know that you are the author of that content before it is scraped from other webmasters.
  3. Make sure that webmasters create backlinks using your keyword phrase as the link and this must be done in a natural way without using any software for backlink building don’t try to optimise the page for several keywords at once.
  4. Focus on search phrases, not single keywords and ask websites that link to you to change the text of the link if needed or remove them if you think that the website doesn’t give a useful experience to its visitors.
  5. Use captions, “HTML title” and “HTML alt” with your images and pay attention to the context surrounding your images. Images can rank based on the text that surrounds them on the page.
  6. To index videos, create a video sitemap or RSS feed and list it in your Google Webmaster Central account. Surround video content on your pages with a description of the video with keywords.
  7. Don’t design your website for Googlebot to improve your ranking in search engines. The web pages must be the same for real visitors and Googlebot and avoid any cloaking technique. The geo-location can be used to change the title of the page based on the IP address to give the user a better experience.
  8. Use canonical code to help Google not index duplicate pages. And also submit a sitemap in the Google Webmaster tool to help Google to understand the structure of your website and index useful and unique content.
  9. Make your website easy to share, review, rate, etc. A website where anyone can leave feedback can give a better experience to its readers.
  10. If you are on a shared server, make sure other websites under the same IP address are not on a blacklist because their negative notoriety could affect your own rankings and you will be penalised.

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